Francesca Romano is an italian photographer working on social reportage, portraits and street photography. Born in Palermo in 1966, she graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts with a Master Degree in Photography. Reporter at “Giornale di Sicilia”, when she was 23 moved to Milan to enhance her studies in Photography at Superstudio. Currently she works as independent photographer focusing on portraits and street photography projects, art exhibition. She also studied journalism at IFG in Milan and became a graphics professional journalist starting to work at Panorama magazine (Mondadori Publishing Group), and later at Natural Style and F magazines (Cairo Editore), where she currently works.

In 2011 she realized a photography project on sicilian popular festival with Shobha Battaglia, “Cuore devoto” and in 2013 worked on a photography storytelling workshop with Shobha and Letizia Battaglia “Raccontami una storia”.

From 2011 to 2013 she followed the life and documented the story and daily struggle of a defense of workers which became in 2014 a personal photography exhibition at Società Umanitaria curated by Roberto Mutti under Photofestival in Milan: “Il lavoro rubato” (The stolen work). In 2018 she shooted the last time of this storytelling.

Across 2015 and 2016 she lived in India and her photos were awarded at Ipa Award 2016, at Tifa Award 2016 and Ipa 2017 (One-Shot: Climate Change). In the 2016 the photo series about a choreographer, Marco Pelle was awarded as Silver award at PX3 – Paris, Portraiture/Personality.

In 2017 she printed a new fine art collection called Fiorirai – Blooming inside that is available on sale at Davide Campi Gallery, a contemporary art gallery in Mallorca, Spain. This Fine art serie won at Mifa Award (gold awarded) for Nature/Flower category and at Tifa Award (silver award) for category Portfolio/Fine art.


• 2019 “Prima Visione 2018, i fotografi e Milano”
A cura del G.R.I.N. associazione dei photoeditor italiani, a Milano, presso la Galleria Bel Vedere.

• 2017 “Rotella ritrovato – Rotella ricodificato”, opere di Maurizio Galimberti e ITALIANCODE
A cura di Mariateresa Cerretelli e Renato Diez, Galleria DaDA EAST, Milano 9 febbraio – 10 marzo 2017
Nove ritratti in b&n del collettivo ITALIANCODE durante la lavorazione delle loro opere, di Francesca Romano.

• 2016 “Scatti in bicicletta”
A cura di Carlo Pesce, Sale D’Arte, Alessandria, 15 Aprile – 11 settembre 2016

• 2016 “Prima Visione 2015, i fotografi e Milano”
A cura del G.R.I.N. associazione dei photoeditor italiani, a Milano, presso la Galleria Bel Vedere.

• 2015 “Prima Visione 2014, i fotografi e Milano” 
A cura del G.R.I.N. associazione dei photoeditor italiani, a Milano, presso la Galleria Bel Vedere.

• 2015 “Buon compleanno Letizia”
Dal 5 marzo al 5 aprile al Teatro Garibaldi di Palermo. Mostra in occasione dell’80° compleanno di Letizia Battaglia.

• 2013 “Prima Visione 2012, i fotografi e Milano” 
A cura del G.R.I.N. Associazione dei photoeditor italiani, a Milano, presso la Galleria Bel Vedere.

• 2011 “Prima Visione 2010, i fotografi e Milano” 
A cura del G.R.I.N. Associazione dei photoeditor italiani, a Milano, presso la Galleria Bel Vedere.

• 2010 Reportage Atri Festival
Mostra collettiva di “Reporters sans frontières”, organizzazione internazionale per la libertà di informazione.

Personal exhibitions

• 2014 “Il Lavoro rubato”, Photofestival di Milano 2014
A cura di Roberto Mutti. 29 maggio – 5 giugno, Società Umanitaria, Sala Bauer.



• Mifa – Moscow International Foto Award 2018
WINNER: Gold Awarded –  Title: Fiorirai – Blooming inside – Category: Nature/Flowers

• Tifa – Tokyo International Foto Award 2017
WINNER: Silver – Title: Fiorirai – Blooming inside – Categories: Portfolio / Fine Art Portfolio

• IPA 2017 – Honorable Mention – Title: Fiorirai – Blooming inside – Categories. Nature: Flowers
• IPA 2017 – Honorable Mention – Title: Fiorirai – Blooming inside – Categories. Fine art: Still life
• Mifa – Moscow International Foto Award 2017 
Honorable Mention Awarded to: Francesca Romano
Title: A Choreographer Portrait Category: People/Portrait 

• PX3 2017 COMPETITION – Award: Silver
Presented by le Prix de la Photographie Paris (Px3) to: Francesca Romano
Title of Submission: Portrait of a choreographer
Category: Portraiture/Personality 

• IPA 2017 – Honorable Mention  One-Shot:Climate Change – One-Shot:Climate Change: Man Category
• IPA 2017 –  Honorable Mention  One-Shot:Climate Change – One-Shot:Climate Change: Water Category
• IPA 2016Honorable Mention  Special: Travel/Tourism Category
• IPA 2016 – Honorable Mention – People: Portrait_P Category
• Tifa Photo Award Japan 2016 – Honorable Mention Winner Awarded “Anjuna Girl” Category: Fine Art-Portrait (Professional)


Francesca Romano

Blooming Inside – Fiorirai.

Francesca is a light spirit who has touched photography.

A lightness that is grace, beauty and joy. This is the sensation I experienced as I leafed through her photographs.

A lightness that is not born out of superficiality or disinterestedness but rather out of a profound awareness of the strong forces that move within people and things. When she makes a portrait, for example, we immediately notice that it is a meeting between the subject and the photographer. There is an unexpressed dialogue between the two, handled in a way that conveys both peace and surrender when confronted with the objective. A peaceful surrender without a battle, between friends, where she chooses the positive, more comforting side of the subject, offering it to us in a reassuring way that shows us that we can trust.

Her curious gaze industriously seeks the chosen result with determination, carrying within it all that has passed by way of her objective: speaking the same language and having the same need for beauty.

When she shot “Blooming Inside” something truly special happened: she has stripped away the need to show us the best of others, in a way that few artists know how to do. She has stopped filtering the world to give us the best and has shown us the “system”, the language, the matrix of that lightness.

She has composed every single image, showing us her alphabet of beauty and sensuality, suggesting to us what emblematic forces drive her choices.

She has shown us which star she follows.

The photographs flow between visual and tactile sensations that have an intense erotic component: the colors chosen, the support and the pigments make us feel as if we were immersed amongst those leaves, the flowers touching you.

Blooming inside is a powerful work, nudes of rare beauty, bodies that touch with a masterful sensuality that you cannot stop watching. These potent images of nature remind us that we are all made of the same substance.

Davide Campi